Golf Clubs That Are Used In Minnesota Golf Courses

Golf is not a simple sport that you simply need to swing your club and make the ball reach the farthest place possible. The sad part is, most people think that this is how the sport is being played. As a matter of fact, proper swinging techniques and using the right gear in this type of sport is the key to a good performance. However, each and every golfer that is playing on Minnesota golf courses knows how using the right club will bring them to win.  Basically, there are two types of golf clubs, irons and the woods. In the next paragraphs, we will be discussing these clubs and their functions. For more info about, follow the link.

Minnesota Golf Courses

Irons – these are often the type of golf club that is being used on fairways. With regards to golf terminologies, the fairway is the location in a particular course that is actually between the green and tee. These days, the sizes of such iron clubs range from 3 iron to 9 iron. The lower the iron number, the further the ball will travel when it is hit. For amateur golfers, their iron set should include a 3 iron, 5 iron, 7 iron and 9 iron. Professional golfers are those that are using the even iron numbers. By practicing on golf courses in Minnesota, you will find which iron works best for you.

Woods – this is golf club is being used when teeing off or taking a shot from tee. This often hits the ball with further distance and also has great velocity. Follow the link for more info about Based on its name, the woods club was first made from wood. As time passes by however, there are newer materials that were also used in creating such club. In golf, woods are being defined as being a bulbous head along with flat surface and is very large. As a matter of fact, the 1 wood, the 3 wood and also the 5 wood are the 3 different types of wood club that golf players are always carrying in their bag. Just like the iron clubs, the lower the number, the longer the distance that the ball will travel when it is hit by the club. Minnesota golf courses will often let you try out clubs during your game.

Golf Courses in Minnesota

Putters – players will never be complete without this one. The putter club is being used in a completely different way than the other clubs said. It is distinctively created. This is only used when the ball is on the greens. The putter is used to hit the golf ball from the green to the hole. Putters have actually a number of different shapes and sizes. Go for the one that provides firmer grip and comfortable to swing and hold when choosing a putter. Read more about


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